9.11 Reflections

photo credit: c1.staticflickr.com


In 2001 there was plane crashes and a lot of people died on the plane and then another plane went in the building and the people on the ground saw and the sky was full of smoke.About 3,000 people died and the hero’s tried to save the people but a lot of the hero’s died to.We celebrate what happened in 9/ll my mom listen to the attack on tv .The attack was on purpose so some people could get killed but everybody on the plane got killed.If you see on the picture you can see that the smoke out there .The attack was in the twin towers in New York city.

life in 5th grade

I’m loving 5th grade right now and i’m really looking forward to passion project. In the passion project I might do Annie leblanc,Kayla davis,Mackenzie Ziegler or jojo siwa.Ir really like the praise tickets . When we turn in praise tickets and when the teacher calls your name you can pick bring stuff animal,write in ink,ware a hat,or no shoes day.5th is really about you have to a lot of switching classes and the hard work.since the 1st day of school i’ve been making a lot of friends.We stared school on a thursday 8/17/17 I really wasn’t ready for school but now I like it a lot.The first day of school felt like the last day of school.On friday in the morning we have more recess.My favorite subject is science we might get to have a blow up later this year.We will have parties like Christmas,Valentine and Easter.I really want Halloween to come up and red ribbon week.I would like for us to ware our Halloween costumes.We dressed like a nerd last year and looking forward this year.I just know I’m going to love 5th grade.

Baby blue eyes

The baby blue eyes is blue and the smallest flower.Baby blue eyes bloom to march to may.The height is 6 to 12 inchs.  You can have baby blue eyes in a garden and you can plant it.This flower grows all over texas and their seed are 450 seed.The Germination is 7 to 30 days.The scientifc classification is Hydrophyilaceae. Its scientific name is Nemophila insighis.


S step away

T tell an adult

O okay sites first

P pause and think online

2d design


This is a lion made out of shapes and 4 prallagrams 5 rombuos  14 squares 7 trapoizes 2 trangols and 1 pentagon with 6 shapes.

Personal Narrative

One time I came to great wolf logle for a vaction.We to the beautie shop and I got a wond.We went to build a bear work shop.I got Rachel thats a charter name and sometime we came to the great vine mall but we came back to the great wolf logle and we listen to the story they felled at great wolf logle and they had a indoor water park.I love the sides.We went to the haln tarndo.It was so fun my mom was so nice she let us go to the spall.We got our nails done.We came to the rk.We seen the fariy from magic quest.We really wanted to defeat the dragon then we came to eat at rain forest cafea.Iloved it.I ate pizza well that was a fun vaction.