the hibbin cats stroy

Hey we are the hibbin cats and we don,t like our neighbor dog. He is bad, crazy, and rough! Well I don,t like the dog, neither does my brother! His name is Ike.We need him out of our neighborhood , he tried to attack us, like what in the world did we do to you. We really really really hate him! Then we went by the pool he jumped out at us and made us fall in the pool and got our cute, pretty, and soft fur. We were hissing at Ike because he called us zany,sassy, little snotty messed up brats. when Ike was going somewhere I was like, yah! Please runaway! Don,t come back again! We found out that he went to obedience school we were like, maybe he should go to the pound. Now he learnd a lesson not to mess with us at the middle of the night.


I am a pioneer. I go and look around for land Rushes. I’ve been wanting a Branco my whole life.

I would always go on a cattle when I was young but my wouldnt let me.

Pioneers does fun stuff like on land and I do all of it. Me and my family

like to see the Ranch and that my own story about being a pioneer, and one more

thing the thing that I like the most is the Pony Express. The pioneer stuff could be

hard but its really really simple when you try it . The reason why I chose west is because

there is new land there and we would love to buy it. The stuff you do on that land is run around,build a farm,and play

around like tag and hide in go seek.

salem poor

salem poor was a patriot of the American Revolutionary war. Credited primary for his participation at the battle at charleston. Now popularly known . Salem poor. The battle of bunker hill. Poor was born in to slavery in Andover Massachusetts on a farm own by John and Rebecca poor.

9.11 Reflections

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In 2001 there was plane crashes and a lot of people died on the plane and then another plane went in the building and the people on the ground saw and the sky was full of smoke.About 3,000 people died and the hero’s tried to save the people but a lot of the hero’s died to.We celebrate what happened in 9/ll my mom listen to the attack on tv .The attack was on purpose so some people could get killed but everybody on the plane got killed.If you see on the picture you can see that the smoke out there .The attack was in the twin towers in New York city.